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Elite Care Homes understands the difficulties seniors experience with daily living activities like bathing, dressing, eating and toileting, which may impinge upon dignity, independence and quality of life. We pledge our help and provide comprehensive assistance for each resident in these crucial areas of need.

Bathing and Personal Hygiene

At Elite Care Homes, we consider personal hygiene an integral component of resident well-being and pride ourselves in assisting residents to maintain it by training our compassionate staff to assist with bathing in an atmosphere which respects privacy while making residents feel relaxed. We customize every visit according to individual resident preference – be it baths or showers and whether mornings or evenings work better – adapting according to personal routines that work.


A person’s sense of identity and self-worth are deeply tied to personal style, so our staff offers residents assistance in dressing and grooming each day as needed – even those with mobility challenges such as arthritis who find the task more daunting than expected. They are trained specifically for such challenges.

Eating and Nutrition

Nutritious meals and proper hydration are vitally important to overall health. At Elite Care Homes, we ensure our residents not only receive balanced, appetizing meals but also any necessary support with eating – from assistance with using utensils or adapting menus for special dietary requirements or difficulties swallowing, we tailor every aspect of mealtimes accordingly to each resident’s specific requirements. Furthermore, our dining environment promotes social eating experiences so mealtimes become enjoyable experiences!

Toileting and Continence Care

At Elite Care Homes, toileting and continence care are of utmost priority. Our discreet staff offers assistance for residents to use the toilet properly or manage continence as required, or create tailored care plans designed specifically to reduce embarrassment or discomfort caused by incontinence issues.

Mobility Assistance

In order to foster our residents’ independence, we provide mobility assistance throughout our facility. This assistance includes help transferring from beds or chairs, walking independently around our home and using any needed mobility aids. By doing so, we aim to reduce falls, promote activity levels and support them as part of daily routines.

Elite Care Homes strives to meet the individual needs and preferences of its residents by offering compassionate yet professional assistance with everyday living activities, so they may enjoy life to its fullest extent with dignity. Our ultimate aim is helping residents maintain maximum independence within our supportive community environment.

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